Beauty Professional,Manufacturer
  • Origin: HONG KONG
  • Category: Hair Salon Products
  • Brand Name: Nallo Color
  • Model Number: N600
  • Min. Order Quantity: NEG
  • Accepted Payment Method: NEG
Nallo Lite Color (85ml) Low Ammonia Formulation

Nallo Low-Ammonia Permanent Hair Color offers you accurate, brilliant and long lasting hair colors.

This Series offers you low Odour and comfortable atmosphere during coloring process and leaves your hair shiny and manageable. 

Preparation & Mixing:

Always wear gloves and apron

Squeeze the Permanent Colorant AND MIX THOROUGHLY WITH Colormate into a smooth uniform mixture in a plastic or any non-metallic container

Always mix the low-ammonia colorant and Peroxide in 1 to 1 ratio

Blended color mixture should be applied within 15 minutes, as coloring efficiency will be declined

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