Nu’u is a company that produces hair products and professional treatments with ingredients from agriculture Bio dynamic and at km 0 (having activated its own supply chains production to encourage and spread cultivation and transformation local, in collaboration with local producers). The surfactants used by Nu’u derived from oil olives are PEG-FREE (i.e. without ethoxylated compounds, dermo-protective effect and performs an effective but gentle cleansing action, notoriously aggressive and equipped with poor dermo compatibility). This new class of alternative raw materials, naturally derived and free from ethylene oxide, it has an effect dermoprotective and performs an effective but gentle cleansing action, without Sles, parabens, paraffins, edta, dyes and fragrances of non-origin Synthetic. Through specific unions of essential oils, proteins from wheat Olive oil, sugary derivatives, vegetable oils, butters and liquid waxes rich in active ingredients and proteins, they are the peculiarity of NU’U products in

able to take care of the hair in a natural way, improving the structure capillary from application to application

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